Stored solar energy

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Stored solar energy

Scientists are struggling to find ways to store vast quantities of electricity cheaply. So that we can tap into an unlimited stream of instantaneous green stored power. But, knowing humans, if and once this has been achieved, it will not be used for the benefit of mankind at large. Once a cheap way has been found to store energy, it will become the new currency, governments will see it as a source of revenue, in the way that salt and oil have been.

The reinvention of money

At the moment, because power has to be used more or less as it is generated, and we do not tolerate outages, there is wastage. We are only able to store trifling amounts in batteries. Perhaps the most effective way we have found for storing power up to now has been with hydroelectric dams. But this is not always practical or desirable, as it often comes at an environmental and human cost.

The great race is on to store energy. Something that nature does by its very nature. After all, vegetation, plants and trees are stored solar energy. But it takes many decades for it to accumulate and requires sensible forestry. As modern governments rarely seem empowered to create long-term plans, isn’t this solution doomed?

Natural advantage

When will we realise that we no longer need to conquer nature and that, instead of trying to even emulate it, it might be a better idea to work with it? Trees do more than just store solar power, they support many other parts of our eco system. They sustain wildlife, bear fruit, provide shelter, and are a source of materials and fuel. How many of the things are we going to try to invent that nature has not already mastered? Nature appears to have a natural advantage.

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