Reflection on Perfection

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Reflection on Perfection

Time for reflection? Perfection comes in all shapes and sizes. Please don’t mistake it for beauty. For beauty transfixes you. For beauty, it is said, is in the eye of the beholder and perfection is not. You can appreciate perfection without liking it. Perfection is often admired and yet somehow devoid of emotion. Machine-like. Perfection is like art… you have to know the context to understand it…but you don’t want it hanging in your home. If you know why something has been made, it is easier to judge its degree of perfection.  But there is no obligation to connect, you can turn away and leave.

Not everyone’s cup of tea

Some people have an instinctive aversion to man-made perfection and can only warm to perfection in the natural world. But then it transfixes them and so they usually call it beauty. You know it is definitely beauty because nature lovers see perfection everywhere. That is the thing about true perfection: it is rare. But we can perceive beauty where we choose. We see beauty more often in imperfection than the other way around.

Cabinets of Curiosity

We are curious makers of things, things we dream up ourselves. Remarkable, useful, beautiful and original things. Sometimes they are made entirely by hand, sometimes partly by machine, in the future perhaps by robots. May be not robots. Always with an eye for detail and with an element of fun.

If you care to follow this blog and join our journey, we’ll share our successes and (occasional) failures with you and hopefully you’ll become a frequent visitor. Suppose that depends on us keeping you entertained. So let’s get on with the words and pictures.

Work in progress


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