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Models in interior design advertisements

The models in interior design advertisements are commonly beautiful young women. You are not likely to see an advertisement with a grandmother knitting on a designer sofa. Yet grandmothers are experts on soft seats. They have been sitting on them their entire lives and know a good one when they see one. The model makes an empty promise: buy this furniture and good-looking people will hang around in your home. No need to fear it will get worn. Don’t worry about comfort, because no one will sit on it.


Draped models, because they rarely actually sit. Adornments to catch the readers’ eye, hook them and reel them in, but always look a bit cheesed off.  Like children do when they have been told to stop bouncing around on the furniture in the shop on a Saturday afternoon as their parents endlessly agonise over the type of fabric or whether the sideboard will fit. It is as though the furniture itself is not enough.

The model too would rather be on a catwalk or modelling clothes, she knows she is no more important than the vase of flowers on the table beside her. Everyone is waiting for the shoot and shop to be over.

There is a way to avoid all this and add excitement to choosing furniture. Commission a piece direct from a maker.


Cabinets of Curiosity

We are curious makers of things, things we dream up ourselves. Remarkable, useful, beautiful and original things. Sometimes they are made entirely by hand, sometimes partly by machine, in the future perhaps by robots. May be not robots. Always with an eye for detail and with an element of fun.

If you care to follow this blog and join our journey, we’ll share our successes and (occasional) failures with you and hopefully you’ll become a frequent visitor. Suppose that depends on us keeping you entertained. So let’s get on with the words and pictures.

Work in progress


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