Avoiding buyer’s remorse

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Avoiding buyer’s remorse


Is the greatest fear, fear itself?

Is the greatest fear, fear itself? Then the fear of the unknown is a close second. But I believe the fear of buying the wrong thing is hot on its heels.

Why else would internet shopping legislation be so much more protective than real-life retail outlets? You can return items without anyone pulling a face. Get a refund within thirty days. All these things have been created to tackle the fear of buying duds. To reassure us that, if we suffer a bout of buyer’s remorse, everything has been taken care of and we can duck out of the deal unscathed.

Generally, small purchases do not really concern us. I have seldom witnessed grocery shopping causing a spasm of regret. It is when we have to spend an amount that feels near to irreplaceable for the foreseeable future that our nerves get the better of us. Not surprising then that anything linked to interior design can set alarm bells ringing.

Is buyer’s remorse a post-industrial fear?

Will it match? Will it be comfortable? Will I grow bored of it? These are all valid questions if you are buying mass-produced goods. They are made to sell…now. With a hook that snags us and then draws us in to part with our hard-earned cash. It is not unusual, these days, for the marketing plan to be created before the product. Basically, in this arena we are sitting ducks. But fear not, there is a way to avoid this.

Three easy steps to avoid a void.

Avoid all this commotion and commission a piece of work from an artisan or designer-maker.

Look for things that excite and inspire you and talk to the people who made them.

Choose a maker from amongst them and talk to them about life, let the maker design you an answer and enjoy it.

This works because it is a conversation. You invest more than just money, you invest time and consideration. A designer-maker doesn’t just sell you a product with a profit margin. They spend time listening to you and then create and craft a thing to fit. A thing that fits you and is fit for purpose. You pay for the hours someone has spent on your behalf. You no longer feel like you are buying something. Ever heard of time spender’s or considerer’s remorse? No, me neither, so there’s no cause for remorse.


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